Can You Put An Accutrigger On A Savage AxisThe Axis uses the same thread pattern as the other Savage rifles. Put a tinly trigger on my axis but with less then 2 pounds of trigger pull I don't carry the rifle with one in the chamber. I had a Savage Axis chambered in 308, and didn't care for it. When my family member went to take a shot, he pushed the. 00 but you know it is worth $15 to you. The Savage AXIS Pro Trigger Upgrade Kit is a major improvement over the factory Savage AXIS Trigger. A young gun owner brought this rifle to me the other day and wanted to have a Timney trigger installed due to the factory trigger having a. Caliber: 300 Win MagCapacity: 5rdFinish: Matte BlackModel: 110/111Material: SteelModel Fit: 110/111Brand Fit: SavageCapacity: 5. At this time, we are unable to stamp that warning on any other receivers. Better trigger, better aftermarket support, lighter bolt lift, and the stock is a lot more comfortable. It was horrible as the sled would smack me. I took a half turn off the trigger spring - 3 1/2 pounds now. It features a number of enhancements that differentiates it from its predecessor. 004" Our Trigger Shims for the Savage Accu-Trigger can make a difference between a good and a Great Trigger Job! Savage Rifle RifleBasix Stainless Steel Trigger Shims. The seller and other bidders do not know your maximum bid amount. Savage axis replacement stock?. Timney is the market leader for Savage rifle replacement triggers. You can get the pull down to 3 lbs with a little work. The Savage Axis has a heavy trigger. All you need to do is open the box, fine tune the zero and hunt. Adjusting the Savage Accutrigger on a model 10 FP-SR to its minimum setting without the factory supplied Accutrigger tool. To help shooters milk the best accuracy possible out of their B-MAG rifles, Savage specced the model with the AccuTrigger. Yes, it's the savage axis of the rocky cask of the academy. The Axis II XP comes with a factory mounted and bore-sighted Weaver® KASPA™ 3-9x40mm scope, featuring multi-coated lenses, and 1/4" MOA adjustments. As others have said the bolt has to be all the way down. You can put a bid of $15 on the item. 308 Winchester Rifle, Black. The accutrigger has the sear release which helps prevent any trigger movement till you want it to move. By continuing to use this site you consent to the use of cookies on your device as described in our cookie policy unless you have disabled them. What I'm really looking to do is get the most that I can out of this bargain-basement gun. Fairly easy to improve an Axis trigger yourself. 270 was about as smooth as anyone could hope for. 4 Remington 700 SPS Varmint 223 Rem 5 Round Bolt Action Rifle, Fixed Overmolded Grip Panels - 84215. 308 22" 3-9X40 SS/BLACK SYN ERGO STOCK Manufacturer Part Number. Personally,I wouldn't own an Axis. • Replaces Savage Arms Rimfire Models Mark I & II and Model 93, (Does not fit B Mag) Replaces AccuTrigger™. Had a Winnie 70 xtr--Savage axis--Ruger American all in 308. OP, here's how I'd look at the Ruger vs Savage Axis. I personally would not buy a Savage axis. Rifle Basix is a Leading Manufacturer of aftermarket / replacement Savage Arms rifle triggers. The MSRs are also surprisingly affordable. It is also compatible with the Stevens short actions. Savage Axis HB Review: Sub MOA for sub $300. making sure that you apply 100% of the pressure directly back toward you along the axis of the rifle. Savage Trigger Systems - Custom Trigger Replacements for Savage Rifles. MORE IMPORTANTLY, IF YOU USE IT IMPROPERLY – SOMEONE MAY BE SERIOUSLY INJURED. This Savage Axis II XP comes mounted and bore-sighted with a 3-9×40 scope. lancetkenyon; Apr 20, 2019; Replies. The Axis II, in a nutshell, improves upon the original Savage Edge / Savage Axis models with the addition of the Accu-Trigger. The scope alone is valued at $100 more than the scope on the original Axis. Talley 950708 1" Savage Pre-Accutrigger w/Flat Rear Receiver (High) F. since yours has the accutrigger you just need a new stock. and you get down to about 2 ms. On the bolt the second "locking lug" is half the size of the bolt head lug. I would get a real Savage with an AccuTrigger. 5 Creedmoor Rifle MDT Adjustable Classic Stock. then move blade spring to rear position. I ground it down about 1/2 way. Two motions are faster than four motions. Experience the smooth pull and crisp break of a JARD trigger in five different pull weights ranging from 1 lb. $150 for a new stock from boyds and less than $10 for an ace hardware spring and screw to upgrade the trigger and it's now <1 MOA vs the >2 MOA it started off as. 7 of the Best Savage Rifles on the Market Today. The redesigned AXIS II offers hunters even better out of the box performance at the same affordable price. Now grind down the rear of the Accutrigger as shown in the photo below. Warne Savage Rifle Scope Mounting Base. The Savage Axis XP package is an extremely durable, low-maintenance bolt-action rifle that comes ready for hunting adventures right out of the box. Our Trigger Shims for the Savage Accu-Trigger can make a difference between a good and a Great Trigger Job! Savage Rifle RifleBasix Stainless Steel Trigger Shims Shim ID/OD ~. For starters, lets get the basic specifications out of the way. If you are in the market for an inexpensive hunting rifle, the Axis will make a reliable option. The one piece nature makes this possible. The synthetic stock that is standard on the Savage Edge/Axis is currently the only available stock for that firearm. Should be set to preference when installed in. Designed to be the company’s entry level centerfire rifle, the Savage Axis is a bare-bones, push feed, bolt action rifle featuring a button-rifled barrel, carbon steel receiver, and a price point as low as $365 MSRP. It's elegant, it's sleek, and not. Quite simply put the Axis II XP will exceed your expectations on all levels. The company is best known for the Model 99 lever-action rifle, no longer in production, and the. You could truck it through the woods, beat the hell out of it, and not care because it is entirely pedestrian from muzzle to recoil pad. By continuing to use our site, you accept our use of cookies. Discussion Starter · #1 · Jan 30, 2017. Savage Reinvents the Slug Gun: Savage Model 220F 20 Gauge. Yes they fit but you will not have primary extraction ! It is very important to understand how that works. The Savage Axis II is just like the Savage Axis I, except it comes with an Accutrigger from the factory. Let's get back to the accuracy out of this Savage AXIS II XP in 30-06. Savage Rifle Trigger AccuTrigger Shim Kits for Axis and Edge. Synthetic, stays where you put it, and very, very little is required. It's old news now, but advances in 20-gauge slug design coupled with good 1:24 twist barrels quickly outdated the 12-gauge as a slug gun. First, remove the Accutrigger from the Axis rifle. Just make sure you don't release all of the tension off the spring and when I did mine I put a little locktite on the adjustment screw to make sure it stays in place well. I'm very happy with the quality Savage put into my rifles. Even with the Savage Axis 223if I really hate the triggerthere are several inexpensive alternatives like the Rifle Basix unit. $175-250 depending on a few variables. Sometime in the 2010 - 2011 they introduced the "E-receiver" which allowed. While the i-Bolt is an entry-level rifle, it isn't priced like one. Only recommendation would be get one with a hard wood stock, rather than the synthetic. Was cruising the site and Sportsman Outdoors is offering the Savage Axis II XP w/ Weaver Kaspa 3-9x40 for $339 shipped + 50 rebate on top. In 30-06, it will take down any deer, moose, elk, black bear in North America. The different series that will carry 350 Legend are as follows: 110 Hog Hunter. The Savage Arms® Axis II XP Hardwood Bolt-Action Rifle features a traditional hardwood stock and a Weaver® KASPA™ 3-9x40mm scope. Note the blade in the center, this is known as the Accurelease AccuTrigger™ Prior to 2003 many believed the Savage 110 trigger has a substandard design issue 223REM: per 1: 45,00 € SAV104989: sav accutrigger: SAVAGE 104989 ACCU-TRIGGER F A good trigger can be obtained on the pre-accutrigger savages Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > Dec 25, 2008 #1. cost is about $1 for both That way it can be put back to factory spec if you ever decide to sell or need. Savage AXIS Trigger Spring Upgrade Kit. In this video we compare the Savage Axis against the Ruger American. savage axis diy trigger job (very easy step by step instructions) in this video i will take you through the steps to a better trigger on your savage axis or. Reduces trigger pull from > 6bs down to 2. Can I put an AccuTrigger on my Savage Axis?. The stock is flimsy and hollow to the point it is possible for it to break right behind the trigger guard. Savage Model 10 or derivative thereof (not the Edge/Axis). for $50-$100 more than a new Axis with accu-trigger and scope. This trigger will replace the AccuTrigger™ SAV-2 with a 4oz - 3lbs weight of pull. Affordability, performance and precision all come together in the AXIS. (The “II” indicates the AccuTrigger . Savage 16FCSS Weather Warrior's are all stainless steel with a black composite Accustock, Accutrigger and detachable magazines. Savage AccuTrigger / Axis Shim Assortments 2 Pak comes in. No doubt there are better rifles than the Axis, in fact the Axis II has the Savage AccuTrigger and can be found with a cheap Weaver scope for $330 or so. Looking to trade my lightly used Axis with Accutrigger, was purchased used with a few rds through it. Savage Rifles for Sale Online from Savage Firearms. Heavier bullets for game are available. To say this camo with attitude compels consumers is an understatement. **FPA Closeout Sale!! **NEW** Savage AXIS II Precision 6. The Savage design is renowned for one of the fastest lock-times in a current production rifle. • Will replace all 110 type centerfire triggers manufactured after January 1966. EGW Savage Axis II Precision and Axis II Precision XP Picatinny Rail 0 MOA (Drilled for #8-40 Screws) 41800-8 Includes Vibra-Tite Thread Locker, Torx Bit & Screws. If your purchase remains unpaid, the item or items will be put back into stock and resold unless you have. The Axis XP does not have the accu trigger, but the Axis ll XP does, per the Savage sight. 5 CRD 22" Black Synthetic AccuTrigger. It's the perfect trigger for youthful pupils and can be adjusted from 2. 204 for long shots with little recoil and up to the 6. 1/3/22: Still having shortages of Savage parts. Savage Moderator 9 years ago Follow Ever since its introduction, the Savage Accutrigger has been in high demand. Savage Long Action 110, 111, 112, 116. It's light, so you need a steady hand or a shooting aid (bi-pod, etc) to shoot consistent sub-moa groups. The Savage Axis rifle/scope combination is a very good bargain for those on a limited budget, but the trigger leaves much to be desired, at least by some. The new Savage AXIS II package rifle is the perfect way for a new hunter to go from the store to the field. If there's one thing you can say about Savage rifles, they can shoot! This rifle is a. The Savage Axis II Precision rifle is rich with features at a budget-friendly price. Please be sure of your Savages' shank size before placing order to ensure an easy order placement. Timney Triggers for the Savage Axis, Axis II, and Edge Rifles. It is a pain because the parts have to be dis/reassembled so many time while stoning the surfaces to try the results. 5 Creedmoor Rifle, 22″ Barrel, Black Finish, Accu-Trigger, Weaver 3-9×40 Scope - Savage 22677 The Savage Axis II Bolt-Action rifle is well known for being a well built, reliable, AND accurate rifle, and their newest model chambered in 6. , Detachable 10-round AICS Magazine. Axis rifles feature a modern design with silky-smooth bolt operation and a detachable box magazine. Based on good experience with a Savage rimfire AccuTrigger, I bought a LRPV with a Target AccuTrigger. Yesterday we took it to the barn and I fitted it to him. The Savage AccuTrigger The Savage AccuTrigger is a trigger within a trigger—a safety bar or safety sear must be fully depressed before the trigger can be squeezed. To my surprise, it broke easier than the Accu-Trigger!. A detachable box magazine and 3-9×40 scope come standard and round out the list of features for this rifle. These stocks can be inlet for any Savage Axis bolt-action centerfire rifle. put Savage Arms on the commercial firearms market map. First you'll need to lighten the trigger spring. Give Lisa at sharp shooter supply a call and check on installation with accu-stock+accu-trigger. 5 Savage Impulse - Best Savage Straight-pull Bolt-action Rifles. Savage Accutrigger Replacement Trigger from Timney Triggers. It's Awesome Auction (TM) time again at Harvey's Pistol & Pawn in Knoxville, TN! For this auction we offer a NEW Savage Axis II XP 22". The problem with ALL versions of Accu-trigger (there are 3 - with the "lightest being the Target Accu-trigger only found on the Target Actions and those have a different sear engagement and one cannot take a non-target accu-trigger and upgrade it to a Target model by swaping parts - you have to swap the whole thing). This "XP" is ready out of the box, with an economical Weaver Kaspa 3-9 x 40mm scope already mounted and bore sighted. Like always, the rifle's user-adjustable AccuTrigger™, thread-in headspacing and floating bolt head extract the utmost accuracy from the 22-inch button. Timney Rifle Trigger Savage 10 through 16 110 through 116. but i would seriously consider a stevens 200, it a savage 110 without the accutrigger, savage even makes it and its the same price as the axis. Was this article helpful? 9 out of 10 found this helpful. Even though I prefer a variableI am tempted to put this 6 power on the Savage, because it is a nice scope and I have no other use for it. It certainly won't get in the way of you making a choice shot. It's capped with a contoured, soft rubber recoil pad with fairly large holes on each side. A good trigger can be obtained on the pre-accutrigger savages. Price was right so I bought them on impulse and have put them back. Savage axis II, 6mm arc bolt rifle. Hope you enjoy this comparison and it helps you when making a choice. This is a Brand New Savage AXIS II Precision 6. The SAV-2 can be adjusted down to a few ounces, but it will take some time and attention to ensure that the trigger won. The recoil on the gun is what one should expect from a. I have a savage axis in 300 blackout with accutrigger. The savage axis 2 is likely considered to be the best budget rifle on the market, this is what you get when you put the best budget barrelled action into an mdt chassis= performance. I think the 783 has smoother bolt lift than the Axis and it doesn't cost as much for spare mag for the 783. The stock is garbage, but the barrel is fine enough, and the accutrigger that comes on the axis II can be adjusted all the way down in. Next I have my Tika T3 in 270 win. Equipped with AccuTrigger and a factory-mounted, bore-sighted Weaver Kaspa scope. SAVAGE AXIS II PREC 243 22B Threaded Barrel. I really like the rifle, it's very accurate with my handloads and I really like the Accutrigger it came with. We have not taken it to the range yet. You can take it out of the box, add ammo, and you're ready for hunting season — at an almost unbelievable price! The Savage AccuTrigger has reached near legendary status among shooters and hunters. (This is the hardest part) Obtain an Accutrigger. Make sure you grind the side of the trigger closest to the rifle (the top as it would look if you were holding the rifle in firing position). The SAV-1 can be adjusted between 1 and 1. 223 Rem: Capacity: 4+1: Barrel Length: 22" Length: 43. Older Savage MkII rifles used to come with a 1-3/8" ejection port opening. Mount fits both left and right hand firearms. I'm very happy with this Axis with the Nikon scope. My shooting was done at 100 yards over a rolled-up sleeping bag over the hood of my pickup truck. IMO, it’s worth the extra money because the trigger is a big improvement. 223 3-9x40 Matte BDC600; Price: Price as of 05/03/2022 04:58 PDT (more info about ad) One of the main strengths of a bolt action platform like the Savage Axis series is their inherent accuracy and precision. As always - make sure your rifle is unloaded and safe to work on. Triggers on the Axis models I've seen aren't overly impressive, but at a cost of about $450, you can step up to the Axis II rifle and get the Savage Accutrigger and a Weaver Kaspa 3-9×40 scope. Talk about smooth bolts and flawlessly cycling ammunition. Many of the features on the newer 10/110 series wont interchange even with the older rifles of the same series without some creative gunsmithing. stupid shops of pedestrians and craigslist wanted $400-500 for cheap rifles used in che-conosce- what form. It did not compare well to the Savage P. While it is has similarities to the Savage Model 10/110, features of the Axis are geared toward selling the rifle for a low price. Browning X-Bolt: Best Overall. 223 Remington 12 FV Bolt-Action Varmint Rifle with a synthetic stock. Too many people make the claim the stock is flimsy and that is the problem. In the last video we fixed the trigger creep on our Savage Axis. • Replaces all 110 Type Savage Arms Rifles and Edge/Axis Rifles. , the Savage Axis precision rifle boasts an impressive 1:7 twist ratio, and loads from a reliable box magazine. Well I gave the grandson his new axis savage rifle in 243. The barrel is only 22-inches and the gun is fairly light-weight at 7. 5 Creedmoor cartridge that resist wind sheer. The rifle basixs trigger is similar to this, but costs considerably more for almost identic. Savage's AccuTrigger® enables shooters to obtain exceptional . Additionally the rifle comes with the adjustable AccuTrigger which provides you with the flexibility to set the trigger pull to your specific individual preference. 22 replacing it with a Bushnell Elite 3200 3-9×40. My dads Savage 270 that I grew up shooting with I much prefer over the Savage 270 I use now that has the accutrigger. Timney has been building precision triggers for many years, and is a top choice of custom gunsmiths for tripping the sear on fine custom rifles. IF YOU USE IT IMPROPERLY - IT WILL NOT WORK. Savage 57091 Axis II XP with Scope Bolt 22-250 Remington 22 4+1 Synthetic Blac. so we took the dive in every way- what. I have 3 factory Savage rifles model 10 & 12's. It was his discussion of this modification that made me do it. You could always put a low power scope on it. The light, compact rifle gets the most performance from 300 Blackout thanks to its 16 1/8-inch heavy barrel with threaded muzzle for use with a suppressor or muzzle brake. Axis with out accutrigger. No instructions came with the package but you can download them from Timney's website. Having owned accu triggers in the past I would probably say it'd be a toss up between the American and Axis 2. One is the inclusion of the AccuTrigger system that lets shooters customise the trigger pull to their preference. Savage axis in 300blk? Thread starter skeeterbay; Start date May 24, 2019; S. Trigger Savage Adjustment A17. There are major differences between the two and it is the user’s responsibility to read and understand them in their entirety. Our Trigger Shim Pak Assortments are as follows; 2 Pak comes in. The synthetic stock has a rubber recoil pad and sling swivel studs. SAVAGE ARMS AXIS II COMPACT 7MM-08 $ 401. No Accu trigger, oversized bolt, detachable magazine or adjustable stock. Remington Model 783 Short Action. Me and my son give the savage axis rifles two thumbs up! The scopes that come on the combo deals are junk but the guns are great! It was less than $25, and if for any reason, if I would have to send the rifle back, to the factory, I can always just put the stock spring back in. Savage Axis II XP Rifle w/ Scope 22246, 30. my savage axis youth model in 7-08 shot horribly due to all the flex in the tupperware stock and a million pound trigger. the savage axis is a pretty decent rifle. On savages website they claim they make one but I. I bought an axis II in 223, and put it in a MDT chassis. Wishing to address some of these issues, I was delighted when Jamie Garland, of Garlands, sent me a Savage Model 16 synthetic. You'll find that Savage 110 stocks are made of hardwood or synthetic materials. That being said, you can find traditional-looking stocks as well. Always been a Remington fan but I like a lower price, and the axis has that. 30-06, as well as a Hog Hunter in. Will not work for Savage AXIS Rifles with AccuTrigger**. Is it worthwhile upgrading to one or is there a better option? But I have a couple for truck guns and wanted to put as little cash in as possible. As it leaves the factory the trigger pull should be between 5 and 6 1/2 lbs. There's different triggers such as a Timney you can get or have installed. My new Minimalist rifles are indeed unique and, well, darn cute to boot. You are out of luck with an accutrigger or accustock on the edge Rifle Basix is however making a trigger for the edge/axis series that is supposed to be a big improvement for about $90. The Axis XP can be had in the mid to high 200s and the Axis II XP in the low to mid 300s. Savage Arms, profile picture · Savage Arms. SAVAGE ARMS Mark II F 22LR 21" Blued 10+1 - $194. When you depress the "AccuRelease" (that little blade on the front of the trigger), its forward tip drops out of the way of the sear. WTS savage axis 300 blackout and Tika T3 270win. accident said: I've been thinking about changing the plastic stock on my. "Down the floor, out the door, Go Brandon Go!!!!!" I have the 6. In this tutorial I will show you how to remove the bolt from the savage axis and how to put it back in. First, Savage added the legendary AccuTrigger™ for optimized accuracy, then they. Rifle Basix SAV-1 Trigger for Savage (Black) - High performance replacement trigger for Savage Axis/Edge and all 10/110 Series rifles. Savage Moderator 9 years ago Follow We do not sell the Target Accutrigger to retrofit to other models. HOW TO: Install an Accutrigger in a Savage Axis rifle. Savage sent me one of their new Axis II XP with AccuTrigger models back in February, . The Savage Axis/Edge is a completely different action and the ONLY thing that will interchange is the barrels. The XP versions come scoped, and I believe if there is no XP designation they do not have a scope. My favorite has to be the trigger on my Walmart Weatherby Vanguard. Insert the AccuTrigger ™ supplied tool into the bottom of the trigger return spring as shown, to engage the spring-tail with the slot on the tool. Re: replacement trigger for accutrigger. Turn the trigger return spring (A) with the trigger adjustment tool (B) as shown in FIGURE 8 and FIGURE 9. The AccuTrigger is set up at the factory with a minimum of sear engagement. 22 WMR barrel has "Model 93" roll-marked on it. SCIENCE & ART OF ACCURACY 5 3 4 1. Aircraft aluminum chassis with injection molded skin. Add in the AccuTrigger, and you can see what I mean about Savage delivering value. Most gun writers know when to put the rifle down and start writing. Of course you still get the famous user-adjustable AccuTrigger that can be fine tuned to your personal preferences. If you are near an Academy Sports they have a closeout on Axis rifles for $259. Savage Axis XP Action Length. SAVAGE AXIS DIY TRIGGER JOB (VERY EASY STEP BY STEP INSTRUCTIONS) IN THIS VIDEO I WILL TAKE YOU THROUGH THE STEPS TO A BETTER TRIGGER ON YOUR SAVAGE AXIS OR. Savage makes a variety of rimfire and centerfire rifles, . Kit includes Synthetic Grease with PTFE to assist in Shim installation and further assist in providing a smoother trigger pull. I called Savage about buying a wood stock for itwould be about $200. Savage put the AccuTrigger in this gun this year. Unfortunately, there are many different Savage models, and over the years there have been minor changes that sometimes affect fit and function. Get the most from your Savage firearm by tailoring the exclusive AccuTrigger to suit your preferences. Savage® rebuilt the synthetic stock on the AXIS II for improved ergonomics that let any hunter shoot their very best. will be helpful to know as well. Nor are the stocks compatible between them. The gunsmith “custom stock” mentality is ingrained in every aspect of the Savage experience. After about 150 rounds downrange there were no mechanical failures and the rifle held up well. Savage axis accutrigger disassembly. Plus, with their easy takedown for quick cleaning, they are one of the most user-friendly centerfire bolt-action rifles under $500. This bolt action rifle features the AccuTrigger system, a carbon steel barrel, factory-mounted 3-9x40mm scope and has a 4+1 capacity. 1 Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 Sport Rifle. 10 rounds ever fired through it. I've read all the opinions on Savages here and around the internet and I'm aware of the limitations and downsides already. Factory stocks do have steel pillars. Im giving it a 4 star review for 2 reasons. Boyds offers a beautiful laminated for $163--$15 more for a SS trigger guard. Action selection is a personal choice. Savage is known for their affordable bolt guns, and their. Just like a local gunsmith does. And Savage rimfire rifles add more fun to shooting than almost anything else for the money. My first three round group measured a dead even 1inch! Yeah, you read that right; it was a once inch group. Trigger Shims for Savage Rifles with AccuTrigger · Not a one-size-fits-all solution, but a Custom Fit Choice of Thicknesses ~. Savage makes a variety of rimfire and centerfire rifles, as well as Stevens single-shot rifles and shotguns. I have a remmy but I have been eyeing one of those Edge/Axis Savages. If you don't plan on making any changes to the rifle, either rifle will fit your needs in a budget hunting rifle. My thinking, and both sides of it - buy the Axis, deal with the scope, upgrade it later. The Axis is unbeatable for the priceyou can also now put an accu trigger on it for around 60 bucks. Weaver Scope Mount Rail FITS Long Action Savage 110 - 116 AccuTrigger Rifles. He tells me that the trigger can't be adjusted. The wood stock version is much more expensive. If you are recycling some parts from your AR or buy some of the items used, you’ll save even more. Mine is in 30-06 as I use it for hunting. Burris 3-9x40mm Fullfield II Rifle Scope FREE S&H 200161, 200162, 200169, 200157. "Long" but is in between the the long and short Savage 110 action lengths. The trigger is a Savage AccuTrigger on a pivot pin. This trigger will replace the standard trigger or the AccuTrigger™ and also fits Savage/Stevens Model 200 rifles. Savage Arms Catalog 2016 by Gun World Australia. The Blackhawk Sportster bipod is one of the best Savage Axis upgrades you can buy. Some insert a pin, set screw, or something into the hole that can hold in 22-250 and he found a savage accu trigger and put that in it. • Comes complete with instructions, hardware pack, and wrench. First off, the Savage Accu-trigger is a fine "factory" trigger. Outside to outside of rings is 4. After testing the Savage Axis rifle package, I think that Edgar Brothers may have found the rifle to satisfy shooters' demands. If you need a hunting rifle that’s ready to go out of the box, check out the new Savage Axis II rifle. take a look at the Savage Axis II XP package and you'll be surprised at how affordable precision performance can be. While $928 puts you at a price point on par with a Remington 700 or a well equipped Savage 10, those rifles aren’t running a customizable chassis system with an AICS style magazine. I first compared the Axis II, which comes with Accu-trigger against the old dogger. The trigger is an adjustable AccuTrigger, and it. Its precision button-rifled barrel is 22 inches long and made of carbon steel. Haven't shot either one of them. I suggest sighting it in at 100 yards. If you are recycling some parts from your AR or buy some of the items used, you'll save even more. Savage's AccuTrigger® enables shooters to obtain exceptional accuracy with the Axis II XP, by allowing precise adjustments for desired weight of pull with a crisp release and no creep. Left to right: SAV-1, SAV-2, AccuTrigger, SAV-2 Installed, SAVR and SAVRAT Click "INFO" Below for Details. Anyone have a Savage AXIS rifle. Savage Accutrigger Tuning. Installation of an accutrigger into a. Accutrigger model in 243 with 24 inch barrel. The exact model you have is a package series and the only one that matches yours without the scope (that I know of) is the model 111 GCNS which has the Accutrigger and a wood stock. Make three (3) consecutive monthly payments and on receiving the final payment we will ship to your chosen FFL. Namely a Savage Axis (the original, not the one with the accutrigger) in. However, it IS NOT thee quality of many after-market triggers (duh - the same can be said of Remmy factory triggers, and most factory rifle triggers for that matter). Almost as well known as the Savage Axis, there can be no mistake: The Remington 783 is Remington's answer to the Savage Axis. The Savage 110 synthetic stock is an injection-molded product with a black finish. You may be able to interchange the whole . In our May 2011 issue, we tested the Steyr Scout against the new Ruger Gunsite Scout rifle, and though we thought the Ruger looked great, we also thought it was too heavy. of modern bushcraft rifles in all the popular calibers of the day are better made and I would have to consider a new Savage Axis, in about any caliber, a better value than a beat up old 340 Savage in 30-30. I also am a huge fan of the accutrigger for an out of the box trigger. by Jack V » Sat Jan 17, 2015 10:19 am. Savage Arms AXIS II XP Package Bolt Action Rifle 30. That's all rounds into one inch at 100 yards. 5 CRD 22 4+1 Synthetic Black S $ 494. SAV-1 with a 14oz – 3lbs weight of pull. New for 2018 is the Savage Axis II XP bolt action rifle! Offered in a variety of hunting calibers, this Bushnell scope package offers amazing performance straight out-of-the-box at an affordable price. This is the part you want to work on. Everything tha tmade the AXIS great has been augmented with Savage's legendary AccuTrigger and a Weaver KASPA scope, which comes mounted and boresighted. 5 CRD 4+1 22" Realtree Excape Fixed AccuFit Stock OD Green Cerakote Right Hand. With the stock trigger you can't get rid of the over travel which bugs me. Next I took the weaver 3x9x40 Chinese mfg scope off. Maybe try the Ruger American or whatever it's called. 62 doesn't shoot well - save it for your AR-10 or M1A and 3-gun matches. you could even go less or more depending on preference. HOWEVERif you would like to further reduce the trigger weight, here is one way to do it without cutting any springs. With the accutrigger seems to put a Savage rifle into the $500 range and i guess it depends. 5 lbs and includes shims to eliminate the trigger play.